The Jesus Mutual Fund

So what can my money really do for this world? How can we actually change the lives of others for the better? Jesus Mutual Funds are set-up to make giving more strategic and create an environment of learning.


Dollar A Month Club

Have you ever considered the power of a buck? These days we can buy so many different products for only a dollar. It's so cheap that we often times find ourselves purchasing more. Got some change? Try saving $1 a month and Join the cheapest club around! You guessed it, it's only a Dollar A Month!


27 Million and Counting

Have you ever heard of Slavery? It exists NOW, and chances are it is going on in your city. There are slaves literally everywhere around the world and the demand continues to grow. What would you do if you had the power to free someone? Would You do it?


We'll Pay You Back

Microfinancing is incredibly easy. You give small loans to entrepreneurs around the world and they pay you back. They take the steps away from hunger and poverty, and you get your money back. Easy Right? Start Today!


Something's in the Water

According to OXFAM, unclean water and poor sanitization will claim the lives of 4,000 children in the next 24 hours. Our Water is precious. We use water to wash our cars, take hot showers, clean our clothes and even bottle it to quench anytime. Isn't it about time to share the wealth?


Monday, January 5, 2009

Now's The Time!

Howdy, Welcome to Let's Give!

Let's get one thing straight; this site exists because of You. The purpose for this website is to bring together our ideas on how to give more strategically, intelligently and most importantly, abundantly. Let's Give is also a resource for activism and learning about global injustices happening in Our world today. Anyone can contribute their ideas, and their stories. There are no limitations. Let's Give explores and encourages just some of the ways we can all use our treasures and talents to change lives in Our world. The season of serving is year round! Now's The Time!

Coming Soon: World Bicycle Relief!

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