Saturday, January 3, 2009


"Together, we can change the world!"

At some point in your life you've probably heard those words before and perhaps began to wonder when all the change was going to happen. Well Together we WILL change the world with Dollar A Month club. It's another easy way for US to give together in hopes to serve others around the world. Dollar A Month club is open to anyone and everyone and it only costs $1 a month to be a part of the club.

How It Works:
1. Budget and Give $1 dollar a month to Let's Give. It'll be put into the general fund.
2. Every month members will be able to vote for where the funds will go for that month. You can see the current vote on the main page here. At the end of the month the cause with the most votes will receive a donation from ALL of us!
3. 100% of every dollar in the fund will go directly to an organization/cause. No adminstrative holds here!
4. There are membership fee options: You can give $1.00 each month, or you can pay 6-months or 12-months ahead.
BONUS: If you sign up for a whole year, you'll receive the official Dollar A Month T-shirt FREE! and we'll ship it for free too!

Join the Dollar A Month Club NOW!
You can join the club NOW by sending a check or via PayPal.
Please include: Your Name, Email, Address and of course $1.00. (Remember you get the FREE Dollar A Month T-shirt when you pay for a whole year, Only $12.00!)
E-mail us here for the Let's Give official Mailing address.

Why ONLY a Dollar?
If there are 2000 people in the club, that's $24,000/year! With that, we can feed the hungry, Free slaves, support orphans, build wells, treat and rehibilitate individuals. Yes, a buck is such a small amount. But the truth is, most people don't give even $1 a month to much of anything other than food, rent and gas. Sometimes when we think of giving, we think of donations where we have to sacrifice coffee for a week, or no movies on the weekends. We don't think a dollar donation will really help, so Why do it in the first place? This club proves to us that it doesn't take a lot to serve others. It's another small step for all of us. You can buy a burger from a value menu, 1 of anything at the dollar stores, 4 gumballs, and literally contribute to saving lives. Please join now!

Club Rules:
1. The First rule of Dollar A Month Club is that you Talk about Dollar A Month Club everywhere and anywhere!
2. The second rule of Dollar A Month Club is, you Talk about Dollar A Month Club!

Dollar A Month Options