Monday, January 5, 2009

Shirts for Change!

Believe it or not, most of the stuff we buy in America, isn't from America. Some of us struggle with not knowing where our day to day possesions come from and some of us just might not know what to think. Unfortunately most products made or produced outside of the United States aren't guaranteed to be fair trade nor sweatshop free. Attempting to steer our lives (and our wardrobes) into a socially concious place can be difficult. Let's take a small step together towards something that will make a real impact in this world!

Buy a shirt, Save lives!
Let's Give has 2 brand new T-shirts for purchase. When you purchase these T-shirts, not some, but ALL of the proceeds will go to various Anti-Human Trafficking non-profit organizations. When you purchase these shirts, you are making a financial contribution to Ending Slavery through the works of several organizations. Through these 2-design limited print T-shirts we will be donating a total of $10,000! Again 100% of the proceeds will go straight to the organizations. Buy a shirt, save lives...simple, right?

'Simple' comes in Royal Blue, Green (picture above), Red, Coal, and Brown
Front reads: "See Diversely_ Consume Moderately_ Live Minimally_"
Limited quanitites of Small, Medium, Large: $25.00

"Birds" comes in Light Blue, Coal, Red and Green.
The design comes with a special duo-tone Gold and white.
Limited Quanitites of Small, Medium, Large: $25.00

How to Order:
We are using a PayPal method which can be used on the right panel under 'Shirts For Change'
1. Select your size on the drop down menus for 'Simple' and 'Bird' shirts.
2. Click "Add special instructions to merchant" and tell us the following:
Please put either "Bird" or "Simple", Name, Address, and Phone Number.
3. Click "Pay Now"
When we receive payment we'll ship the shirt out to you!

To keep things simple, Shipping will be a standard $3.00 USD. International Orders please email us here.