Monday, January 5, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions!?

These are some frequently asked questions about our JMFs and $1/Month Club. If you have any other questions please check out our contact page here and we'll be super glad to help.

Why give?
Good question! Will it make Earth a better place for your children? Because God says so? It’s the right thing to do? Because others are not as fortunate as you are? Whatever the reason, consider what Christ says to his disciples in Matthew 25 about intervening into the lives of the poor, the sick and the lost. In this time of economic recession, the marginalized will be hit harder than ever. The loss of jobs and global poverty will increase human trafficking. The funding for local programs to help the poor or after school programs can potentially see sharp decreases. The lists go on and on.

Also consider the profound words in Matthew 6:21, where Jesus says that your heart will follow your treasures and not the other way around. If your talents, time, and treasures are used to do good, imagine where your heart would be! Where is your heart today?

Do I need to be a Follower to start or join a JMF?
No, definitely not. You are definitely welcome to join! Jesus asks his followers to give graciously and the JMF was geared towards that, however, you don’t have to have faith to give.

Is Let's Give part of a church or organization?
Nope. It’s just a simple idea to take up the tremendous responsibility set before us.

I want to participate, but I’m a poor college student. How can I help ?
Glad you asked young scholar! JMF isn’t necessarily about the amount you give; it’s to encourage you to start thinking critically about giving and the world around you. Check this out! If you and 10 friends save $5/week, You’ll have $2,600 in a year and there are millions of non-profits doing great work who would gladly take the donation. This is easier than Geography 101!

I want to Give, but I’m not the best at budgeting. Can You Help?
Intentional budgeting and saving are a huge part of strategic giving. Save More, Give more. But it is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some practical materials on how to budget in your everyday life as well as some more indepth resources. Also find out if your local community or faith-based organizations have financial budgeting classes.
Budgeting 101
The Simple Dollar
Family Budget Tools
Kiplnger Worksheet
Mapping Your Future

Where does Let's Give get their information?
We use several sources including NGO websites, US Department websites, publications, articles you name it. We've done the research! We want to be a resources to others so we will continue to research and get the most accurate information possible. At the same time we encourage you to seek after the truth! Research, read, and continully learn more. There's never enough to know about this world. Explore it!